A metaverse ecosystem of character collectables and a global, creative community.

Meet the Fluffle

Flufs are our genesis collection of 10,000 3D, programmatically-generated rabbit avatars, each with their own unique features and stories to tell.


Flufs love to party. Whether they're raving up a storm in their Burrows, kicking it with Party Bear friends or travelling abroad through FLUF World scenes, there's no telling where they might end up.


Flufs have been programmatically-generated from 270 attributes across 14 categories, to be unique by at least three degrees of separation. Find your favourite, then customise it with assets from our growing Scenes & Sounds collection.

Party Bears are 9669 programmatically-generated customisable bears, bringing fashion, fun and music to your FLUF World experience.

Fully customisable

Each Party Bear is a unique 3D-rigged avatar; yours to customise, from a growing collection of scenes, sounds and Party Pack accessories.

Find your Bear, choose their vibe and let the good times roll.


Next stop: the metaverse. Each bear is your own DJ'ing, vibe-setting party host. You can take them to virtual events, play music, interact and express yourself with friends.

Mixing it up in FLUF World Burrows… bringing the heat at a Party Bear Venue… the choice is yours.

On All Hallows' Eve of the year 2021, The Summoning occurred...From the depths of FLUF World's vast networks of Mycelium crawled 10,000 Thingies; fluffy, spider-like critters, packing untold surprises.

AI artists

Programmatically generated, each Thingie is a metaverse-ready 3D avatar; yours to collect, trade and share. But they aren’t just furry faces… each Thingie is an ASM AI-integrated artist, capable of producing its own NFT art.

Each fur pattern is a unique abstract design, created by an AI too! They’re not just works of art… they’re art, working.

Packing surprises

The mystery of Thingies doesn't stop at their creative flair. Each Thingie has a unique backpack, the contents of which have yet to be revealed… Satchels, designer bags, pumpkins and satchels… they’re causing quite the stir in FLUF World. What's hiding inside? Only time will tell...

Enter SYLO’s genesis NFT collection, 50,000 communication bots, bringing decentralised comms to the open metaverse.

Customisable Companions

Seekers are companion bots, aiding exploration, discovery and communication in FLUF World. As trusted sidekicks to your favourite avatars, they unlock opportunity and connection in our growing world. Seekers are also fully customisable, from a growing parts collection. Chop and change yours, then use it to explore, enter P2E games and more.

Send Nodes

Seekers aren't just magnificent meta-bots. A true industry first, Seekers represent nodes on the growing Sylo network. The mobile phone of your metaverse, they represent Sylo's wallet and communications platform, while operating as reward-yielding nodes that uphold the network. Get yours and contribute to the open metaverse rebellion!


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