Whether you’ve been with us from the hop or have just arrived to the party, here’s a timeline of our journey to the open metaverse together so far.

Fluf Mint 
August 2021
The collection that started it all. On this fateful day, we dropped our genesis Flufs to the founding members of the Fluffle; 10,000 metaverse-ready rabbit avatars, each with their own unique features and stories to tell.
The 11th Hour Podcast 
August 2021
Our first-ever 11th Hour Podcast episode aired this month, growing into a fortnightly staple featuring exciting industry guests, artists like Dillon Francis, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, and Disclosure, who made a track live on air. 
Underground Launch
The Underground is your Web3 portal to the metaverse and customisation of the FLUF World collections you love. The launch of the UG brought downloadable content, our online store and paved the way for scene & sound swapping.
JADU Jetpack Whitelist
October 2021
As an OG friend of FLUF World, Jadu was one of our first collaborations and whitelist opportunities for Fluf holders. Their Jetpacks were first-of-their-kind AR NFTs enabling flight in the metaverse. 
Thingies Summoning
October 2021
Thingies are 10,000 spider-like critters, packing untold surprises. Programmatically generated, each Thingie is a metaverse-ready 3D avatar artist powered by Altered State Machine AI, capable of producing its own NFT art.
ASM AIFA Genesis
October 2021
Altered State Machine initiated their mission to bring accessible AI to the open metaverse, dropping their genesis AIFA boxes. Each box included four AIFA All-Stars and a Gen 1 ASM brain, with Fluf holders whitelisted for the mint.
Scenes & Sounds
October 2021
Scenes & Sounds are interchangeable environments and music tracks to use with your FLUF World avatar collections. Since launch, we’ve dropped exciting limited edition collaborations with artists like Young & Sick, Mike Shinoda, Nachei, Zigor and more. 
October 2021
The world’s first meta-star Angelbaby was born. Since debuting their first track ‘NFT’, Angel has gone on to take the metaverse and Web3 world by storm.
Sustainable Coastlines $100K Donation
November 2021
The first major donation on the Fluffle’s behalf, we gave $100k to Sustainable Coastlines to support the incredible work they do to protect and preserve our beaches and waterways.
FLUF Haus Miami
On the back of Art Basel in Miami, we brought the Haus down at our first-ever FLUF Haus event; a night of partying, art installations and live performances by Boys Noize, Life on Planets and more. 
Auckland City Mission Donation
After learning about the incredible Bryne Gregory and his 300km charity fundraiser walk for homeless charity the Auckland City Mission, we donated $100K to his efforts on behalf of the Fluffle. 
Party Bears
December 2021
Party Bears joined the party in December 2021, 9,669 programmatically-generated customisable bears, bringing fashion, music and good times to the FLUF World experience. 
JADU Hoverboard
December 2021
Friend of FLUF World Jadu dropped their second collection, Jadu Hoverboards, with a free airdrop going to existing Jetpack holders. 
January 2022
Enter the metaverse high life. In January ‘22, we dropped Burrows, our virtual metaspaces sporting premium amenities and a top-of-the-range production studio, in collaboration with hip-hop OG, Snoop Dogg.  
Auckland City Mission Charity Auction
January 2022
Bryne’s efforts shone a spotlight on the Auckland City Mission and we wanted to rally the community to contribute further. Through a 24h auction of some Flufs and Snoop Dogg Burrows, we were able to raise over $1M for the charity. 
FLUF Haus L.A.
Up next on our FLUF Haus party hop, we ventured to LA for a Fluf X Party Bear clash like no other during Superbowl. Special guest artists like T-Pain & Chromeo kept the vibes high, before Angelbaby dropped in for another performance broadcasted live from the metaverse. 
Fuck the War Ukraine Charity Mint
March 2022
With the world reeling from the Ukraine invasion and the hardship their citizens were enduring, we launched a charity mint of a limited edition ‘Fuck the War’ scene, raising over $400,000 for humanitarian support groups and NGOs. 
Going Carbon Regenerative
MARCH 2022
A proud moment in FLUF World history. On this day, with a donation of NZ $234,711 we officially offset all of our carbon emissions to date by 200% via CarbonClick.
March 2022
Alongside ASM, Seekers, PartyBear, CENNZnet and other ecosystem partners we travelled to Austin, Texas to host the metaverse portion of the world’s leading tech festival South by Southwest (SXSW). 
March 2022
Panels by day, parties by night. After long deep dives into the open metaverse at SXSW, we turned up the volume at 2 special-edition FLUF Haus events, featuring guest artists like Young & Sick, Mija and Dillon Francis. 
March 2022
Seekers flew into FLUF World bringing decentralised communication to our open metaverse. As Sylo’s genesis NFT collection, they’re a major key to unlocking new opportunities and bridging the gap between other meta worlds and communities. 
Airdrop April
APRIL 2022
The start of Airdrop April.
April 2022
As a special reward for early holders, we dropped our YAT gem, a first collaboration with YAT and their Magic Mirror in the Yativerse, commemorating the FLUF journey so far. 
April 2022
To kick off the first phase of breeding, we dropped EGGs to Fluf holders, 10,000 Electromycelial Genome Generators, capable of incubating Fluf parent DNA to produce future Fluflets. 
Dr Grordbort's Rayguns
April 2022
In an exclusive partnership with leading SFX and film industry titan, Wētā Workshop, we collaborated to release 3,003 Rayguns; a creative meeting of FLUF World and Wētā’s own franchise, Dr. Grordbort's.
The Underground 2.0
MAY 2022
In April, we rolled out some brand-spanking new renovations to the FLUF World Underground, for seamless customisations, asset downloads and filtering across our growing collections. 
ATEM Car Club 
May 2022
ATEM Car Club drifted onto the scene with their genesis membership card mint, and an airdrop for holders of various FLUF collections including Golds, Silvers, 1/1s and Lambo scenes.
HNI Pots 
May 2022
With Party Bear’s companion collection Buzzies’ on the way, we dropped HNI Pots to Party Bear holders: Hydrothermal Nectar Infusers, capable of attracting Buzzies back to the Underground to join the party. 
June 2022
In June we launched parent entity Futureverse - our open metaverse infrastructure consists of FLUF World ecosystem, Sylo’s decentralised comms protocols, ASM’s AI protocols, and our native blockchain the Root Network, in partnership with leading blockchain provider Ripple.
The Futureverse Foundation
June 2022
The Futureverse Foundation is a not-for-profit charity launched in collaboration with leading artists and philanthropists Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves. As the charitable arm of Futureverse, the foundation will see that underrepresented artists and creatives are given space to thrive in this developing digital economy. 
Gods & Goblins
Ready to join the darkside? Gods& Goblins will bring a new character collection to FLUF World, forever changing the course of our collective history. 
FLUF 3D Models
We provided all Fluf holders with FBX and GLTF files of their Flufs, 3D game-ready models enabling our community to animate and create in a new medium and answering the age-old question: Wen Legz?
Thingie Utility
September 2022
The creative potential of Thingies came to life when the first stage of Thingies Utility launched in the Underground. Thingies gained the ability to create AI Artwork, becoming the world’s first digitally created art capable of producing digital art.
The Next Legends
October 2022
The Pros entered the Greatest Gym in the Muhammad Ali - The Next Legends Pro Pack Mint, the first release in our AI metaverse boxing game, a collaboration with Altered State Machine & ABG.
Probably Nothing
October 2022
We launched the inaugural edition of Probably Nothing, our monthly update where we share progress updates, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and other exclusive content with our community.
The Root Network
October 2022
The first stage of The Root Network launched, the core blockchain infrastructure for Futureverse specifically designed to provide a seamless onboarding experience for new Web3 users.
Halloween Art
October 2022
Thingies artwork got spooky to celebrate Halloween. This was the first of our limited-edition themes to take over the Thingies creations and show the versatility of AI Art.
Party Bear 3D Models
November 2022
Party Bears 3D models released in the Underground, game-ready assets that had the Bears hitting the dancefloor to show off what they could do with their new legs.
FIFA  AI League
November 2022
Our friends at Altered State Machine launched the FIFA: AI League, a game made in collaboration with FIFA just in time for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. This is the most significant partnership in Web3 to date and a momentous milestone for our ecosystem.
Thingies - Lucid Dreaming
November 2022
This next stage of the Thingies' Awakening allows for the application of filters to generated art, re-interpreting their masterpieces in a diverse range of styles.
Fluflets will be hopping into the mix soon - our Gen2 Fluf collection of fun & fashionable offspring, opening up a world of gamification, customisation and exciting utility. 
The Sacrifice
February 2023
Aspiring Goblins proved their loyalty to the Goblin Queen by sacrificing their Void Seekers to repair the portal. 10,503 Seekers were burned in exchange for Goblin Amulets of great power.
The Bestowing
March 2023
The Bestowing saw those who participated in the Sacrifice rewarded with either Bronze, Silver, or Gold Amulets. These grant holders the rank of Queen’s Chosen, alongside exclusive benefits in Goblin society, including voting rights, access to limited traits, and more.
March 2023
The gates of the Junkyard opened, enabling anyone to sacrifice their unwanted NFTs in exchange for JUNK - our Goblin currency. JUNK can currently be used to summon Goblins and has additional future utility. Exchange your eligible NFT collections for JUNK.
The Summoning
March 2023
Our first Goblin mint event, The Summoning, launched and over 20,000 Genesis Goblins came forth from Evergrim to The Third Kingdom, ready to cause chaos in the Open Metaverse.
The Recurring
april 2023
Season one of the Recurring, our always-on, infinite Goblin mint, began, enabling you tomint the next wave of Goblins, with exclusive seasonal traits and aesthetics, to grow your horde and take over The Third Kingdom.
may 2023
The last of our Buzzies returned safely home to their HNI pots. With an incredible amount of diversity in each family, Buzzies are our most vibrant and distinct collection to date. From the ghastly Undead to the ethereal Cosmic, which family is your favourite?
may 2023
$ROOT is our native token, set to power FLUF World’s ecosystem, economy, and decentralised blockchain, The Root Network. With some allocation towards holders of genesis assets, the launch of $ROOT marks the beginning of the next major phase in the evolution of FLUF World and the Futureverse.