Charity Auction for Change

Calling all crypto whales, Chads and ballers! Bid for 1 of 7 Flufs (with a guaranteed mintable Studio Snoop Dogg Burrow) to raise funds for the homeless.

Yesterday morning Brooke was invited to the Auckland City Mission for a service, thanking you, The Mighty FLUFFLE, for our $100,000 donation just before Christmas.

“It was moving and humbling, we couldn’t have been more proud of our community and wish you all could have been there. It was also challenging. Discord was on fire with talk of Mansion backgrounds, Snoop Burrows… while here, there were people just dreaming of a warm place to sleep and food to eat.

So we called Beyond and we came up with a plan. With all this Mansion speculation (who knows… Every. Trait. Counts.), we decided to buy 7 Flufs who are living in luxury with Mansion-backgrounds that we’re going to make EXTRA special, in the hope of making a positive change to the lives of those less fortunate.

These specific Flufs, will all be guaranteed to mint highly-limited Snoop Dogg Burrow, and will be auctioned off tonight to the highest bidders, seeking the hottest property in the metaverse.

100% of the profits will go to the Auckland City Mission and Housing First, helping those in-need find real places to call home.

So big Doggs, deep pockets, and all those looking to make a difference, now’s your chance to drive incredible real-world change with your own and enjoy some sweet Snoop Dogg Studio vibes.

This is an opportunity to land a special place in the metaverse, while helping the Auckland City Mission gift food, shelter and support to those who need it most.

Share this far and wide, give generously, and let’s make a positive difference together.

Start the bidding here:

Auction ends 9PM NZDT 20/01/22

PS… Make sure to let every whale in the world know what the most in- demand NFTs on the chain are today and get them bidding…”