Upcycle your unwanted NFTs into Goblins

Have you aped into assets shouting WAGMI just to find out they were NGMI?

Gods & Goblins is giving you the chance to upcycle your unwanted NFTs into Goblins.

Let's dive into the juicy deets that'll help you make the most of this exciting opportunity.

The Junkyard

The Junkyard is a graveyard of discarded dreams and unwanted scrap, the hellish home of the Junker Goblins. These curious creatures are barterers at heart, willing to trade JUNK - the offering of choice for the Goblin Gods - for your unloved NFTs. Bring the Junkers eligible NFTs to be burned, and they will reward you with JUNK to summon Goblins from the depths of the Dead Tree into our world.

Nominate Collections

Which NFT collections are eligible for burning, you ask? Anyone is able to nominate a collection for the Junklist, but only the Queen’s Chosen, those who have proved their loyalty to the Goblin Empire and been rewarded with our Amulets, will be able to vote on which nominated collections are considered by the Queen.

For the first round, the Queen has decided that she alone will choose which collections are added to the Junklist. The Queen's counsel will also safety check collections that Amulet holders vote on prior to acceptance at the Junkyard.

To protect our Junkers from nefarious curses, only collections whose foundations have been carefully scrutinized by the Queen’s Counsel and judged safe for the forges will be able to be burned. You can submit a collection you wish to upcycle by visiting our website.

The Goblin Summoning

Once you have received your JUNK, you will be able to use your offering to summon forth a new Goblin to join the Horde.

Goblins will require 100 JUNK to summon but will also be available for mint using cryptocurrency. You can purchase a Goblin using $20 USD equivalent in the following cryptocurrencies at launch: ETH/ASTO/SYLO/USDC.

Your first opportunity to obtain a Goblin will be during the Summoning, which will start in March. After this, the first Season of The Recurring will begin, which is the infinite, always-on mint. The Goblin Gods are generous, willing to award Goblins to all who desire them.

So prepare yourselves, mortals. The Junkyard will soon be open, the Summoning shall begin, and The Third Kingdom will tremble as the Goblin Horde spews forth.