You wish to prove your loyalty to the Goblin empire, huh? Hmm, we may have use for one of your abilities. As you well know, aspiring Goblin, we are in dire need of Seeker parts to complete our Portal. Not just any old Seeker parts, but those of the elusive and mysterious Void Seekers. Help us acquire the components we need, and you shall be richly rewarded with Goblin Amulets of great power.

Do I have your attention? Yes, I thought that would do it. Mortals are so often motivated by greed. Be warned, if you wish to follow the path, there is no turning back. The Pledge & Sacrifice begin on February 22nd PT and last for two weeks, until March 8th PT. Here's what you need to do.

Pledge & Sacrifice

Your first task is to gather lost and wandering Void Seekers you find and pledge them to the darkness. You must do this in groups of 1, 5, or 15. Goblin mathematics is challenging for mortal minds to comprehend, and we don’t have time to explain the intricacies. All you need to know is we will not accept any other number of pledged Void Seekers. 

Once you have selected the Seekers you wish to pledge, you may submit your Pledge and proceed to the Sacrifice stage. But be warned, Goblin, once you proceed with the Sacrifice, your Seeker offerings will be burnt for all eternity with no way to recover them.

You will have two weeks to participate in this noble cause, and will be able to pledge and sacrifice as many Seekers as your heart desires. No need to split your Seekers into different wallets, the Goblin Queen will accept multiple pledges from the same wallet if you have the Seekers to burn. To complete multiple pledges, you will need to finish one before starting the next.  

The rarity of your Seeker has no impact on your Pledge. The Goblin Queen does not care if your Seeker has a special backpack or fancy attachments. All she requires is the Void components of your Seeker to restore our portal. 

For a sneak peek at what to expect, watch our video below walking you through the Pledge process.


Goblins with the courage and fortitude to prove their loyalty to the Goblin Throne will be rewarded with our most sacred treasures. Our prized Goblin Amulets, forged in the eternal fires of Evergrim and crafted using the rarest minerals known to Goblinkind. Amulets come in different rarities, Bronze, Silver & Gold, and these will be distributed based on the number of Void Seekers you are prepared to Sacrifice. Amulets earned during The Sacrifice will be given out during The Bestowing, an event that will take place after the Pledge & Sacrifice are complete.

All sacrifices will be diligently recorded by the Queen's scribes, and be allocated to what you call your eth address. Once the Amulets are ready for collection, the Chosen will be rewarded based on their contribution to our cause.

Amulets will bestow the Goblin Queen’s Blessing on those who possess them, granting the following privileges in Goblin society. 

  • Exclusive access to holder-only mints and accessories.
  • Voting rights in Goblin society.
  • Amulets will come preloaded with JUNK.
  • In-Game utility that is yet to be determined. 

So what are you waiting for, Goblins? Go forth, collect all your Void Seekers and Pledge them to the glory of the Goblin Empire!