Probably Nothing - JANUARY 2023

A note from Alex


GM and Happy New Year Fluffle,

As we gear up for the Year of the Rabbit, we’re heads down in our burrows, working hard on our upcoming releases. You’ve already seen the Desert Buzzies make their way home, and the remaining four families will start arriving soon.

Despite it being summertime here in New Zealand, we’re turning away from the light as we prepare to launch the Pledge, Sacrifice, and Bestowing stages of Gods & Goblins. Make sure you’re ready to Follow the Path, as this will be an experience you won’t want to miss.

On top of that, we’re excited to begin sharing our vision for The Third Kingdom in the coming months, including insights into resource economies and land mechanics.

Stay tuned!
Alex Smeele

A note from Jesse


We’ve been deep into the world of Gods & Goblins, exploring new avenues to make this collection our most interactive and immersive yet. With the Pledge beginning soon, be prepared to unleash your inner Goblin Mode as you take the first steps of your journey along the Path.

We have been testing the Goblins in our game environments and looking at various ways we can enhance the user experience through interactions and games. It is important to us that from the moment you enter this world, there will be enough to do to ensure you are having a good time.

Amulets are our reward for participating in the Pledge, and we are incredibly proud of how these have turned out. Each Amulet is a work of art, painstakingly designed in intricate detail that adds to the rich lore we have developed for this collection. The Amulet utility continues to evolve, with these assets set to provide ongoing value and rewards to lucky holders.

Once the Amulets have been Bestowed to those whose Pledges are accepted, we will begin the Summoning, which will be a mint mechanic unlike any we’ve done before. We can’t wait for you to experience each step along the Path as we gear up for the arrival of the Goblins into the Third Kingdom.


Gods & Goblins

It’s time Goblins. Are you ready to Follow the Path?

Some say 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, but the Goblins have other plans. Their portal repairs are nearing completion, requiring only a final bounty of Void Seeker components to regain function and restore the Goblin horde. The Goblin Queen calls upon her loyal followers to pledge Seekers to this noble cause, in exchange for a coveted reward.

Those whose Pledges are deemed worthy will be rewarded with Goblin Amulets of incredible power. Amulets will bestow their holders with the blessings of the Goblin Queen, granting them exclusive access to holder-only mints, voting rights in Goblin society and unique in-game actions, along with many more benefits for the Queen's Chosen.

The Pledge will begin in February, and aspiring Goblin loyalists will have one week to Pledge their Seekers. The Goblin Queen will only accept Seekers in groups of 1,5 & 15, with Amulets of different rarities awarded to each Pledge group.

If the Goblins successfully repair their portal, they will be able to call forth the lost Goblin horde to join the Tinkers in Goblin Town. How will this impact the Third Kingdom? We can’t wait to find out.


Say hello to the Desert Buzzies.

5,021 Buzzies of the Desert family have made have their way home in all their vibrant glory. Each Buzzie has a 1:1 AI-generated fur, ensuring every Buzzie is unique.

Buzzies are composed of a plethora of traits, some rarer than others, spread across 5 distinct families.You may have noticed these variations in the Desert family. While most have floral specimen wings, yours may possess the rarer intricate petal-styled wings, or even the super-rare heatwave trait.

We can’t wait for you to meet the remaining four families. Our Buzzies collection is our most diverse to date, each family a work of art with distinct physical traits, having an evolutionary adaption to the unique environments of the Third Kingdom they call home. The corroded Irradiated, fiendish Undead, astral Cosmic & mechanical Cyber families are all beautifully designed with their own creative style to make them pop! The next family to reveal will be the Irradiated Buzzies, and you can look forward to their arrival soon.

We’ve heard your requests for an alternative viewing mode, and our team is hard at work on a custom-built turntable option for viewing your Buzzies in 360°, enabling you to view all the carefully crafted details that make your Buzzie special.

You can view chapter one of our lore-based web comic, The Honey Accords, exploring the history behind the relationship between Party Bears & Buzzies on our website or by clicking the button below.


As always, we’ve been heads down, tails up BUIDLing. Here are a few of the projects our team is currently working on.

Community Spotlight

Our Community Spotlight is where we share our favourite content created by the Fluffle.
Tag us on Twitter @flufworld with your original content for a chance to be featured in next month’s update!

One of our favourite things to see in the community is the development of your own rich lore and backstories for your assets. Vatessia the Historian (created by @Beleevens) is an incredible example of this, developing the captivating fanfiction, Snotwart steals Christmas, set inside the world of Gods & Goblins.

This community project featured a five-episode audio narrative, professionally produced and presented with 25 hand-drawn images revealed daily in the lead-up to Christmas. It was the first NFT advent calendar, and eager goblin disciples of Vatessia could even mint it, immortalising this narrative in FLUF World history forever.

Click the button below to explore this captivating community project and join the disciples who will start creating the “Archive” in the coming weeks.

Ecosystem News

Check out the latest developments among our ecosystem friends.

In partnership with ASM, Magic Eden and Polygon, Taunt Battleworld’s upcoming Warrior mint on January 14 PST will include an ASM AI-enabled NFT Warrior. This is phase one of a long-term partnership between ASM and Turnt Gaming. Each character will be powered by a Gen II Brain and have an edge in combat.

ATEM Car Club is excited to announce that professional race team Thunder Bunny Racing is joining forces with Unlimited Customs to complete the club's IRL Nissan 240Sx build.

The Seekers Animation Competition is well underway, with 20k worth of prizes to be given to the most creative use of the Seekers 3D files. Sylo will also be hosting another 3D animation tutorial with the man, the myth, the legend Moritz, the lead 3D Designer who created the Seekers themselves! This livestream is a great opportunity to learn from the best! Click here to learn more.


We all know scams are rife in our industry. This month we want to touch on one of the most common types of scams you should be aware of, phishing scams, and how to identify them.

Phishing scams are used to ‘fish’ for confidential information from victims that will then be used to gain access to your private accounts. These attacks can take shape as a pop-up or malicious email and are becoming more sophisticated and trickier to identify.

Whereas traditional phishing scams target your credit card or bank information, cryptocurrency phishers aim to access your digital wallet or obtain your recovery phrase. They may target you with an email for a wallet provider or project you have interacted with in the past, with an offer that contains a potentially harmful link when you click on it. Scammers also create fake contracts that seem legitimate but will grant them access to your wallet if accepted or even sell all your assets to the scammer for a fraction of what they’re worth.

A good rule of thumb is to triple-check the account details or email address used to contact you, check official channels for confirmation, or ask other people in the community for advice before giving away any verification information or interacting with your wallet on a website you’re unsure of.

Meet the Team - Toby Downton

Every month we will be interviewing one of the incredibly talented people we are proud to have on our team.

This month we sat down with Toby Downton, AKA the legendary T-Dawg, Rouser of Spirits & Chief Architect of the Artistic Arachnids, to discuss his role and his journey before joining the Non Fungible Labs team.

What is your role at FLUF World?
I’m a product manager, which means I get to work with a wide range of people. Most days, I’m in the weeds with the dev team, working out how best to meet the requirements of the business for a given project or product. Most of my work happens in Slack and Jira, but I’m also regularly in Figma with the design team.

What were you doing beforehand?
I’ve been a product manager for ten years now. Prior to working at Non Fungible Labs, I was in the insurance world for four years here in Auckland, and before that worked for a couple of innovation consultancies in London where I got experience across a range of industries, including media, finance, leisure & tourism, and local government.

What is your favourite collection?
It’s got to be FLUF World, which is the collection where it all started. I remember returning to my computer after some friends left and seeing these rabbits everywhere in my timeline. They were so different to the PFPs that came before them, such a high quality - they actually moved! I immediately bought a couple, joined the community, and was lucky enough to join the company about six weeks later.

What project do you enjoy working on the most?
I’ve spent most of this year working on the Thingies Artwork project. Seeing so many owners create artwork and post it on Discord and Twitter has been great. Alterations were the next step, and we have a great product roadmap that stretches into 2023 and beyond!

Final Thoughts

While we’ve enjoyed some rest and relaxation over the holidays, our team is pumped to be back on the tools and working hard on the projects in our pipeline.

The Year of the Rabbit is truly shaping up to be something special, and we’re so grateful to have you on this journey with us.

As always, we appreciate and value your feedback. If you’d like to share yours with us, please send any questions or suggestions to

Bunnies up!