Probably Nothing - NOVEMBER

A note from Aaron McDonald


October has been an incredible month of hard work from our ecosystem with The Next Legends showing off the new ecosystem capability for scaling, the ROOT Network announcement, and the first stage of our partnership with FIFA, to name a few.

These projects have been very demanding, when dealing with global brands such as ABG and FIFA there is no room for error. It’s been all hands on deck to ensure that we execute these partnership projects to a world-class standard.

In FLUF World, our talented team has been working diligently to complete our final projects for 2022. Buzzies are getting ready for their reveal and the Gods & Goblins pledge will be an experience like no other in the industry. When you add in Party Bears, Thingies, and Burrows there is certainly enough to keep us all busy!

We have been working hard on Fluflets and are literally shaking to show you all a preview of them in our upcoming Futureverse trailer. This will begin the build-up to launch, which we are timing to complement some exciting launch partners we have lined up for Fluflets.

We have held off on Party Packs to ensure they launch on The Root Network, where we can get the party started and give you all some sweet $ROOT tokens to play with. We also want to make sure they work seamlessly with the new version of our Burrows app and future platforms we have in the pipeline.

I can't wait to show you more in November. The Futureverse is beginning to come to life, and I am immensely excited about the alpha we haven’t dropped yet. Stay tuned!

A note from Alex Smeele


The end of the year is rapidly approaching and October was an extremely busy month for our team, putting in the hard yards as we drive towards Futureverse and ending 2022 with a bang. And what better way to end October than announcing the ASM partnership with FIFA! From our side, you can also expect updates on the $ROOT token and more big announcements around Futureverse, as well as Buzzies and the next stage of Gods & Goblins will roll out in the coming months. I am extremely proud of the blood, sweat, and tears our team has invested into these projects to date, and we are all very excited to share them with you!

While the wider market is still somewhat rocky, it’s still an incredibly exciting time to be in our industry. The recent Reddit Avatar release proved that there is an insatiable appetite for collections that focus on community and accessibility - two of the cornerstones of our product development. The foundations for mass market adoption are being laid, and while cementing these foundations takes time, we are confident the results of our BUIDL will speak for themselves.

We have a lot of exciting announcements to share with you before the end of the year, news that will have you literally shaking with anticipation. Until then, I hope you enjoy November’s edition of Probably Nothing.

Party Bear 3D Models

Your Party Bears have now got their legs, and are ready to strut their stuff on the dance floor!

Last week we released 3D models (FBX & glTF files) to all Party Bear holders, enabling you to unlock your creativity in another medium. You own the full creative IP rights to your Party Bear, meaning you can do whatever you wish with your bear. Build a brand around their colourful personality, create a cartoon series featuring your character, or even animate your bear doing a TikTok dance and go viral!

This isn't the only exciting update coming for Party Bears. You will soon be able to upload your Party Bear to the Jadu app, allowing you to take your partying pal for adventures with you on the go!

We’re so excited to see what you do with your Party Bears new legs. To empower you to make the most of your new 3D models, we've created a series of tutorials, showing you how to import your assets into Blender, how to use stock animations, how to render, and some basic tips and tricks to get your started on your animation journey.

Watch the tutorial and get ready to take over the world with your Party Bear’s new legs.

A note from Jesse Metcalfe


Gods & Goblins

The design of our 7 factions has progressed, with each of the base models now established and ready for testing in DOT: our unique character generation tool.

We are now preparing the first faction ‘The Tinkers’ in DOT with learnings from TNL to create an engaging creation process that will produce unique Goblin forms for every taste and preference. There is a vast amount of input from hundreds of face variations to unique features, eyes, noses, mouths, ears, body shapes and accessories.

We’re also stoked to have fully developed our Queen model, who is integral to the Goblin lore and the upcoming sacrifice, and who we’ll be leaking in the coming weeks.

Thingies Halloween Art

A stylistic update to the Thingies Art crept onto the scene, with spooky pieces being minted left, right and centre.

Varlin the Shrewd took a liking to these, and when the Thingie he kidnapped failed to produce any with no Moon Rocks for inspiration, Varlin reached out to the community to find a favourite piece.

Congratulations to @roccopirri who received the Pumpkin Thingie in exchange for their art piece.

The Next Legends

The TNL mint was a success and great test of the DOT character generation tool. With 5661 unique boxer forms ready to begin their journey to greatness, we’re steadily building out unique aspects of the Greatest Gym and the mysteries contained in your Gym Bags.

The Pledge

The Goblin Queen grows restless. The time to Follow The Path is nigh.

The goblins are close to finishing repairs on the portal, requiring only a final bounty of Void Seeker parts. Soon they will call upon those who wish to serve the Goblin Throne to pledge their Seekers to this noble cause.

The Pledge is the first step towards completing the portal, and summoning the six remaining Goblin factions and gods to The Third Kingdom. Those that complete the Pledge, and sacrifice their Seekers, will earn the favour of the Goblin Queen, and be rewarded with ancient Goblin artefacts of unimaginable power.

The influence of the Goblins is already beginning to seep into The Third Kingdom, with their darkness corrupting the Thingies creations over Halloween. What other dastardly effects will these creatures have on our world?

It is time to choose a side Fluffle. Will you pledge your Seekers to the Goblins and usher in a new age of The Third Kingdom?


We've been heads down, tails up BUIDLing. Here are a few of the projects our team is currently working on. 

Community Spotlight

Our Community Spotlight is where we share our favourite content created by the Fluffle.
Tag us on Twitter @flufworld with your original content for a chance to be featured in next month’s update!

This month’s Community Spotlight goes to the entire Fluffle! We’ve had so much fun seeing you share your Thingies creations on Twitter. It’s certainly been refreshing seeing Twitter full of bright, vibrant artworks. Thank you for being the most passionate and engaged community in Web3.

Here’s a small selection of a few of our favourites Thingies artworks.

Ecosystem News

Check out the latest developments among our ecosystem friends.
  • The Altered State Machine AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Edition is now live! Predict the winners, compete against your friends, and climb the leaderboard to win epic prizes.  This is the largest partnership in Web3 history and is an extraordinary opportunity for our ecosystem. Make sure to play and share with your friends. Click here to learn more.
AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Edition

  • ATEM announced their sponsorship of NASCAR driver Julia Landauer and released an exclusive collectible to celebrate the partnership. Click here to learn more.
  • The Seekers shared an exclusive sneak-peek into their soon to be released Seeker Dashboard, the central hub for node activation. Click here to learn more.


Every month we share helpful advice to make sure you stay safe while surfing Web3.

In this months security section we want to talk about staying safe in Discord.

If you’ve spent any time in the general chat you’ve probably been bombarded by DMs from bot accounts or scammers. Our moderation team do their best to ban these accounts, but we have noticed them getting smarter and becoming increasingly difficult to identify. Here’s how you can spot suspicious accounts, and some general safety tips to ensuring your Discord experience is a pleasant one.

If messaged by someone you don’t know, check the age of the account, and how long they have been a part of our Discord community. If the account is only a few days old, best to err on the side of caution and not engage.
Check their comment history. You can search a specific users comment history using the search bar. If they haven’t commented in any channels, or if their comments are suspicious again be careful interacting with the account.
Never share your wallet address in a DM unless it is with someone you specifically trust.
Only accept friend requests from users you know and have engaged with before.
If you want to be extra careful, you can disable DMs by clicking User Settings → Privacy Settings → Disable “Allow direct messages from server members.”
Be careful clicking any unrecognised links shared in Discord, if it looks suspicious flag it for our moderation team to review.

Our moderation team will continue to find and ban spammers and bots wherever we we find them. By following our advice above, you should be safe from all but the most cunning scams in the industry.

Meet the Team

Every month we will be interviewing one of the incredibly talented people we are proud to have on our team.

This month we sat down with Art Manager, Paul Jason Young to discuss his role and his journey before joining our team.

What is your role at FLUF World?

My role, or rather privilege at NFL, as Art Manager is to define and conceptualise the artistic styling and direction for our ever increasing bodies of work while supporting our Chief Creative Officer in keeping the vision of our products at the highest level. Helping develop creative strategies across multiple projects and marketing is a core part of my role at NFL, which aids in the efficiency of producing visual assets.

What were you doing before you joined the team?

What was I doing before? Well, 'back in the day'... seems a lifetime ago, but I have been in the art industry as a professional for 20 years. I began my career out of university as an intern at Walt Disney as a 2D Animator, leading me to work with them on many projects (including Star Wars) and, of late, some Marvel projects. I have also had the privilege to work on projects with Pixar, DreamWorks, Cartoon Network, Capcom, Nickelodeon and quite a range of different I.P where I would conceptualise P.O.S items with engineering specs for modelling. I also spent about 5 years full-time as a Comic & Graphic Novel Creator designing a feature length live action film script into hardback form.

What’s your favourite collection?

That's easy. The 'Muhammad Ali - The Next Legends' collection is my favourite to date. Being the Character Lead for this series has really warmed my soul as a fan of the great man's inspirational life. It has been a true honour to be part of this.

What project do you enjoy working on the most?

My favourite project, hmm... there are quite a few to choose from, and I am always excited for what's next. I imagine Futureverse will hold that position for quite some time to come.

Final Thoughts

While we can’t believe it’s almost Christmas, we are beyond pumped to finish this year with a bang. Thank you for all the love and support for last month’s Probably Nothing. We hope you have enjoyed November’s edition even more!

We are aware some of our community would have expected this month’s edition to arrive directly to their inbox. We want you to know we are working towards creating an email format that works for us, and hope to have this complete by the end of the year so you never miss an edition of Probably Nothing.

You know how much we appreciate the Fluffle, and value your feedback. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you. Please send any questions or suggestions to

Bunnies up!