The Summoning Is Nigh

Gods & Goblins is the next community-driven metaverse experience collection designed to revolutionise the NFT industry. This March the gates to Evergrim will open, and the Goblin Gods will raise new Goblins to join the horde.

Hailing from the devastated land of Evergrim, the Goblin horde was decimated when they travelled through their portal to The Third Kingdom. Now that the portal is repaired, thanks to a bountiful sacrifice of Seekers, the Goblin Queen is ready to rebuild her horde in The Summoning.

The Summoning

The Summoning is your first opportunity to mint a Goblin, but not your last. Goblins are an infinite always-on mint, and there will be seasonal events throughout called The Recurring for future Goblin mints. Seasons will have unique goblin heritage available, with each season impacting how the horde will develop over time.

Traits & Aesthetics

Each mint will feature Goblins with unique traits and aesthetics, allowing diversity throughout the collection for years to come. The Summoning is no different, with rare and limited traits only available during this initial mint.

Goblins are so much more than a PFP; they’re 3D digital collectibles, optimised for gaming and mixed-reality experiences. Each Male or Female form is entirely unique, generated from thousands of potential traits from an evolving trait pool. Grow your Horde, and personalise them through our upcoming accessories collection.

JUNK & Offering

Goblins will require 100 JUNK to summon but will also be available for mint using cryptocurrency. You can purchase a Goblin using $20 USD equivalent in the following cryptocurrencies at launch: ETH/ASTO/SYLO/USDC.

All Amulet holders will be airdropped a bounty of JUNK on the 3rd day of the Summoning to aid you in building your Goblin Horde. You can also earn JUNK via sacrificing your unwanted NFTs at the Junkyard. Only eligible collections will be accepted by the Junkers. Click the button below to view which collections are eligible to be burned in exchange for JUNK.

Prepare yourself, mortals, for it is time to take your next steps along The Path. Once The Summoning begins, the Third Kingdom will never be the same again.