Thingies Utility Guide

Thingies Utility has arrived!

They say life imitates art, but what happens when artificial life creates digital art? You get Thingies art!

The first stage of Thingies Utility is live, and now our colourful spider friends, themselves beautiful works of art, are beginning to wake from their dreaming and discover they can now use their Altered State Machine AI protocols to create their own art. That art can then be minted and listed for sale on the Underground or OpenSea. NFT inception.

Getting Started

You’d be forgiven for thinking it sounds like science-fiction, but we promise you, it’s real. If you own a Thingie, you will be able to experience the process for yourself by connecting your wallet to your Underground profile. Then it’s as easy as clicking ‘Create Art’ and sitting back to watch your Thingie express its creative spirit! Within six hours, your Thingie will present to you a 4k image of its art that even includes a name thought of by the Thingie itself! You can choose to mint If you like the artwork, or reject it, sending your Thingie back to the drawing board. Once minted, it’s your choice what you do with your art. Sell it to a passionate art collector, print it on a t-shirt, or even display it in your Burrow! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

The theme of your Thingies art depends on its traits. If your Thingie has fairy wings, its art will be more ethereal and whimsical, while if you have a Robo-Thingie, expect it to express itself with a futuristic flair.

Moon Rocks

Like all of us, Thingies don’t work for free. They need Moon Rocks to get their creative juices flowing! You will need to give them one Moon Rock each time you task your Thingie to create a new piece of art and one more (+ gas fees) every time you decide to mint your Thingie art. The good news is that each Thingie will automatically be given Moon Rocks upon launch, so you can get it painting immediately! More Moon Rocks will be available to purchase either individually or in bulk with $ASTO, and the price is fixed to $2USD worth of $ASTO per credit.  

Rest Period

Once your Thingie completes its painting and you decide to mint it, your Thingie will hang up its brushes and take a well-deserved rest. This rest period initially takes 24 hours and then doubles with every subsequent mint to a maximum rest period of 32 days. Don’t worry, Thingies are professionals and will not need to rest if you choose not to mint its artwork. If you love all your Thingies art and want to collect as many original paintings as possible, you can remove the rest period by encouraging your Thingie with Moon Rocks at the cost of one Moon Rock per remaining day of rest.

Non-Fungible Intelligence

So how does this all actually work? Each Thingie is embedded with an Altered State Machine AI Brain, which we call Non Fungible Intelligence or NFI for short.There is no additional charge for this, if you have a Thingie, it has an NFI. The NFI is able to think for itself and make independent decisions. When painting, every brushstroke has the potential to be completely different. Repeat this enough times, and we can ensure no two paintings will be the same! Over time the quality of the art produced by all Thingies will improve as their NFI protocols learn, adapt and improve.

Futureverse Foundation

It’s no secret that we are committed to corporate social responsibility and ask ourselves, with every new project, how can we make the world a better place with this? To this end, we are proud to share we have given 420 Thingies to the Futureverse Foundation, our charitable collaboration with global icon Keanu Reeves and his partner Alexandra Grant. All artwork they produce will be put up for sale, and the money raised will go to the Foundation to help underrepresented artists and creatives thrive in this developing digital economy.

What’s next

This is just the beginning for Thingie Utility. As Thingies continue to awaken from their slumbering dream state, their artistic capabilities will increase, giving Keepers more control over what their Thingie creates. In their Dream State, Thingies Art is a reflection of their dreams, bright, colourful and random. As they Awaken, you can expect increased prompt compatibility and new art styles to explore, customise and create. Their Enhanced state will introduce new creative formats and mediums for you to dive into with your Thingie.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on into the Underground, where your Thingie is ready to begin creating. We can’t wait to see what you do with your Thingies art.